16×2 LCD with I2C configuration

16×2 LCD with I2C configuration

Here’s the LCD I’ve started with for my data display.

I got it on ebay for a couple dollars.

After working on the 12-wire configuration for a while, and never figuring out how to shield the noise that was goofing up the letters, I found an example with the I2C configuration.

Life. Saver.

Check out this write-up/walk-through for finding your device’s address and correctly initializing the LCD. ¬†This post saved hours, possibly days, of my life.



Here’s the I2c scanner that you’ll need.


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3.2 TFT LCD Displays Live Garden Data

My LCD finally arrived! (It takes a long time to get things from China.)

Soon I’ll have a dashboard completed that will constantly display sensor readings right at the garden!

TFT LCD 3.2 display for arduino garden

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