Planting Time! How to plant starters in hydroponic garden

I think we’re finally past our last freeze in Chattanooga, TN.  I don’t quite have the arduino ready, but I can use a christmas light timer to manage the watering until it’s finished.

how to plant hydroponic garden

Some of my seed starts actually made it, then I’m also adding some starters from the Barn Nursery in Chattanooga.

Confession:  Often my fear of failure keeps me from starting.

I am so afraid that my plants will die, that I haven’t even planted them.  They’ve been on our driveway for a couple weeks.  I’m terrified.

My wife keeps telling me that plants are resourceful, and actually want to live.  From my experience, I feel like plants use any opportunity to quit life and die.  “Oh, you didn’t water me today? I’m dead.” “I don’t like the way you looked at me.  I’m outa here.”

Seriously, I want this project to be a success so badly that I haven’t even started.

BUT TODAY, I’m getting everything in the NFT rails.   I’ll make a video of how I got washed the roots and got them into the expanded clay pellets.

First I had to adjust the water level to make sure it touched the baskets.

NFT baskets with clay pellets

Some of the baskets didn’t quite touch, so I’ll be watering them a couple times each day until the roots grow down.

NFT rails arduino controller

Now, plants, please stay alive. Please?

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