Understanding Hydroponic Nutrient Levels (PPMs, EC)

Understanding Hydroponic Nutrient Levels (PPMs, EC)

Knowing and controlling the nutrient levels in your water is a key component of proper hydroponic growing.

This can be difficult when different products, probes, and growers seem to be speaking different languages.  Some measure in PPMs (usually in the USA), EC (usually in europe or the scientific community).

Strap in  for a whirlwind introduction from Just4Growers.com:

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16×2 LCD with I2C configuration

16×2 LCD with I2C configuration

Here’s the LCD I’ve started with for my data display.

I got it on ebay for a couple dollars.

After working on the 12-wire configuration for a while, and never figuring out how to shield the noise that was goofing up the letters, I found an example with the I2C configuration.

Life. Saver.

Check out this write-up/walk-through for finding your device’s address and correctly initializing the LCD.  This post saved hours, possibly days, of my life.



Here’s the I2c scanner that you’ll need.


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Drip Irrigation Manifold for Hydroponics System

After building my a-frame, I was having trouble getting even water pressure and nutrient delivery all the way to the top.  I found this 9-spot manifold at Lowes that is perfect!

hydroponics water manifold distributor

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2 Gallon Bucket from Home Depot for Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

Here’s the bucket I’m going to be using for my bato buckets/dutch buckets.

I could only find them buy online/ship to store here:


They’re around $2/ea and come in a case of 10.

Here are the lids:

dutch bucket 2 gallon


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