Meet Daniel

Hi, I’m Daniel.  As I started my first garden, I knew almost nothing about plants. Truly.

But, I could read about them.  I could read tomatoes want a certain pH, cucumbers need a certain amount of sun, snap peas need a strict watering schedule.  I’m also a bit of a nerd and knew I could use technology to read and regulate key environmental variables needed for a successful garden.

I decided I’d merge what I was learning about microcontrollers to create an environmentally optimum environment for my plants.  Every step has involved plenty of research, trials, data collection, then analysis.  I’m sharing with you everything I have learned and the research I have found most helpful.

A business coach of mine, Jim Cockrum, heavily emphasizes automation and scalability.  When I started gardening, I didn’t want to create a new job for myself.  I wanted to create a model that could be recreated by anyone, and scaled without additional effort.

Based on the aquaponic controller I’ve developed, I’ve been able to connect with growers, teachers, home automators, students, and relief organizations who all have the same goal: spread sustainable farming techniques that can feed people around the globe.

To this end, we’ve partnered with a local (Rossville, GA) group, HATponics and together we’ve launched The Global Garden Project. HATponics has a goal of feeding 20 million people by 2020. By using our automated aquaponic controller and the Internet of Things, we can create more efficient gardens like never before.

Now we’re on a mission: Create smarter gardens which feed more people.

Please join us: by combining arduino automation and aquaponic gardening techniques, let’s grow biologically ideal vegetables for ourselves and others.